Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter parade part 2

I know everyone will be thrilled to find out that Easter can be celebrated this Sunday. I finally finished all of the sewing!!!

I am so glad I made shirts to go with the girls' jumpers. They look much nicer than a plain white t-shirt. I used Butterick 3905 and it turned out nicely. I will be tweaking the instructions some to avoid sewing bias tape to the inside of the shirt as an elastic casing, but they were an easy project. This pattern is great for when you only have a little fabric left. I was able to cut a size 5 shirt with an extra inch length out of 1/2 yard. Since K is skinny, size 5 works well for her even though she is normally a 6 or 7.

The purses were made from the skirt leftovers. There was too much fabric to just throw away, but not enough to make anything to wear.

I am so happy to check Easter sewing off my list. I think I will stop to eat before starting the next project.

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