Friday, February 26, 2010

Belt testing

I am so proud of E and K. They both earned new belts at testing on Thursday. My camera and the lighting in the gym do not get along, but I had to post pictures (even if they are bad).

E is now a red/black belt. He had to perform his basics (kicks and punches), a form, 2 board breaks, 50 push ups, self defense, and continuous sparring for what seemed like an eternity to this mom. He was awesome! This is his last belt before black belt. I don't even want to think about what the black belt test will be like. The one I saw was unbelievable. I'm not ready to watch my baby go through that.

K is now a green belt. It is amazing to me to watch my very girly princess doing kicks and punches, a slide combination, self defense, and 30 push ups. Somehow the image of her with hair and makeup done wearing her dance recital costume keeps popping into mind.

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