Monday, January 4, 2010

Crocheted snowflakes and angels

My grandmother made me a set of crocheted snowflakes and a beautiful angel tree topper when I got married. I absolutely love them and so do my kids. I decided this was the year to start working on a set for each of the kids to have when they get married.

I didn't think to count how many snowflakes grandma made for me. I am thinking about 20 per child would be nice plus a couple of extra sets (You never know when our family will grow again.) So the plan is to make at least 140 snowflakes this year. I would love to find the same pattern that grandma used for my angel and make one of those for each of the kids too, but I haven't had any luck yet. If the angels don't happen this year, I will not be upset, but I definitely want to finish the snowflakes.

I have already crocheted 7 snowflakes from 3 different patterns. As soon as I get them stiffened, I will post pictures. 140-21=119 to go.

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