Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's snowing!

Even though the weatherman is not predicting snow until Friday, we are already seeing flurries in my craft room. I am so excited to have the first 6 snowflake patterns starched and ready to go. I think they turned out great. I have another 6 patterns crocheted and ready to be starched. For anyone keeping score...
  • 140 needed (20 patterns X 7 sets)
  • 42 completed
  • 42 crocheted but not starched
  • 56 to be crocheted
I am obviously not going to get them all finished in January, but February is looking pretty good.

All of these patterns were free on Ravelry.com. If you like to crochet or knit and are not a member, you really need to go register now. It is such a wonderful sight.
Star Snowflake

American Thread Company Snowflake (left)

 American Thread Company Snowflake (top)

Pretty Picots Poinsettia Snowflake

Simple Snowflake

Southern Snowflake

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