Thursday, March 25, 2010

T-shirt refashion take 2

Have you ever made something that you liked less and less the more you saw it? After K wore the t-shirt dress I made her for a day, I decided I really did not like how it fit. The neckline was too big, it was too wide, and the flowers were too floppy. Time to get out the scissors and start fixing.

First I took out almost 20" at the hem line. I have no idea why the pattern I started with had that much fabric at the hem, but it was way too much. The hem wasn't even straight. It sloped down on both sides. I don't know why I thought it would work when I first made it.

Then I took out the back of the neck band and gathered it to take out about 1". That took care of the sliding off the shoulders problem.

Finally, I sewed a gathering stitch around each of the flowers and made them into yoyo's. Yeah! No more floppy flowers.

Now K and I both love her dress! I am hoping to get a couple more made tonight and then start on a pattern for A. Fortunately, A is just a little smaller in the chest than K. I should just be able to make a couple of modifications to the pattern and be good to go.

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