Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tooth fairy pillow

K told me last week that she finally had a loose tooth. She has been impatiently waiting for what seems like forever to her. I had to stitch up a tooth fairy pillow to celebrate.

Since K is my very girly-girl, I found a rose to embroider on her pillow. A few ruffles and a pocket finished it out. I sewed the flap of the pocket over the pocket on the sides. I'm hoping that will cut down on lost teeth.

Knowing that I have a hard time coming back to a project once I have moved on, I went ahead and designed the other kids pillows and printed the embroidery patterns. I am going to get everything ready and put them in my on-the-go craft bag. Hopefully, I can get them finished in the next month or so.
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All Thingz Related said...

I love this idea!

Leslie said...

these are beautiful... seriously.. love the embroidery.. and the ruffles... really lovely...

ickeshuchfamily said...

amazing, job well done

Jess said...

That is so cute!! I love the little pocket!

fawnda said...

that is just darling! I love all the ruffles! : )

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